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About me

I am a happily married woman with one son who knows well how to balance work life, married life and fun life. I believe being married is not a sin to have fun in life. Looking for a fun loving, adventurous guy or a group of guys. I don’t care if a person is rich, poor, young, old, fat or skiny. I expect the guy/guys to respect and protect my privacy because at the end of the day I am a mother and a wife. Please only anal loving guys as it is my personal preference. Only Sri Lankans. Looking for long term guy/guys only and need at least a 3, 4 weeks to get to know well. Expect the guy/guys to be available to stay from Friday night to Sunday night. Husband is abroad so don’t be afraid to stay with me. I don’t bite LOL. Drop me a message if you think you are a great anal doctor who can cure my anal hunger. Let’s find out how good you are LOL.

Please do not send insulting messages telling me about culture. I am aware of our culture but I am an open minded lady. Please do not send me mobile numbers asking me to call or text. I don’t call or text to random people just like that.


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Group sex, Straight