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m from srilanka n am single, got breakup, my ex left me without valid reasons,  so I wanna get rid of my past life memories. so im looking to engage in dating , coz i dont wanna smoke or drink n spoil ma life, i just wanted to forget what happened, so being occupied by someone else would help me, i have no rules bt am not into a serious relationship innitially. later we can decide after chat. better if u r in colombo srilanka, otherwise we cant catchup, initially lets know each other, then we can decide n go with the flow. i dont need any serious relationships frm beginning. ,I dont mind ur age bt good if in between 20 to 50. also ur marital status is not n issue for. i can speak all three languages.  im 6feet tall, no disabilities. check my pics private n normal in photos. this profile pic is me. my email. , bt dont just chat to get some money help from me. if u want physical pleasure n relaxation n chatting , i can do and that’s it. if u are ok, lemme know, or just try someone else. . whats ur age? am 30, single. Im open to talk, lemme know ur wish. we’ll maintain it safe n secretly.i like to go with only girls, not with gents/transgenders. i respect girls n their safety is more important to me. we can chat n see. its better if u r in/near colombo.

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