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About me

Thanks for stopping by my profile! While this may be a dating site, I’m here primarily to engage in friendly conversations with people. You see, the site’s summary clearly states, “You can make friends and chat with them.”
I already have a boyfriend and a wonderful group of lifelong friends, so I’m not actively seeking to expand my social circle or exchange personal information and photos. I may not respond to messages that contain unusual requests.
This platform is fantastic for sharing thoughts and having pleasant chats with strangers. I used to enjoy chatting on Omegle, but lately, it’s become overrun with bots.
I want to emphasize that this message is especially directed at those who inquire about my location, request personal information, or attempt to escalate things too quickly, such as asking for photos. Just imagine, if you had a daughter, would you want her engaging in the same behavior with a stranger she met online? Don’t you think she could be at risk? So, let’s all strive to be respectful and sensible while interacting on the internet.

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